Supervisor Plus

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Supervisor Plus is a scalable, full-featured security management solution suitable for small and large installations alike with video capabilities fully integrated on a single platform. The easy-to-use, yet powerful, interface and relational database is a powerful tool for any application, now supporting DS RealVue and IP cameras. Supervisor Plus supports direct RS-485 connectivity, dial-up, and LAN/WAN-connected Integrated Door Controllers for maximum flexibility. ID badging, guard tours, attendance reporting, integrated digital video interface, multiple workstations, and standard Wiegand card technology give security managers all the tools they need to ensure their buildings are secure.

Integrated Access Control
Intelli-M brings security management to new heights by combining high-level network integration with easy-to-use workstation software tailored to the unique needs of security directors, personnel administrators, and security officers. Providing single-seat control and the ability to integrate access control, intrusion detection, photo imaging, guard tour management, parking control, digital video, and more.

Advanced TCP/IP Capabilities
Because Intelli-M utilizes the industry standard Ethernet TCP/IP Protocol, its users have powerful access to today’s Internet/Intranet technology. Building operators can control and monitor their facilities remotely, generate real-time reports, and display equipment information.

Reliable Intelligence
Intelli-M’s Distributed Data Intelligence assures that buildings will run during network downtime.

User–Defi nable Schedules
Intelli-M’s powerful scheduling capabilities allow control of many building applications—when personnel have access to areas, equipment runs, processes occur, and doors are locked and unlocked. With Intelli-M’s Schedule Editor, setting up and adjusting independent schedules from single units to multiple sites is quick and easy.

Video Integration Feature
Using the full power of the Supervisor Plus Software, operators can simultaneously associate video with security events and alarms. The unique dual-screen graphical interface provides users fast video retrieval and flexible recording schedules, side-by-side card pop-up and live video display for quick personnel verification, and multiple camera views on a single monitor.

Navigation Tools
With its simple navigation and easy-to-use features, the Supervisor Plus Software will save the time and cost associated with training new personnel.

The fully integrated badging module with drag-and-drop capability offers an easy and professional badge
design utility.