NetController II

Introducing the NetController II! This re-designed version of the Andover Continuum NetController has extra horsepower and several new features. Compatible with the original NetController, the NetController II is suited for new installations as well as existing Andover Continuum sites for expansion or direct replacement.

NetController Compatible

The NetController II has been designed to replace the original Andover Continuum NetController. Since the form factor has not changed, the NetController II can be substituted for a NetController and plug in to the same enclosure, power supply and I/O modules as a drop-in replacement. The NetController II can also co-exist on the same Andover Continuum system as the original NetController (after an upgrade to v1.8).

Upgrade and add to existing sites with ease.

More Memory – Flash Memory

Each NetController II comes standard with 32MB of flash memory and 128MB of dynamic RAM. The flash memory is used to preserve 12MB of application and run-time data. The dynamic RAM is partitioned for dedicated functions; for applications, a full 12MB, for Personnel records an amazing 48MB and for the operating system 8MB is reserved. The unused memory is available for future enhancements. Personnel record data is preserved using on-board batteries that can hold the data for at least 7 days without the use of an external UPS. When power is disconnected for periods longer than what the batteries can hold, CyberStation can automatically download the data when the controller power and communications are restored.

Memory that is unforgettable with dynamic memory retention!

Store 218k to 480k Personnel Records

The NetController II is perfect for large systems. A controller servicing up to 8 areas can hold 480,000 personnel records and a controller with 32 areas will store 218,000 records. Which such a large local storage capacity, access decisions can be made swiftly without waiting for validation by a remote server.

Store Personnel Records locally!

AC/DC Power Options

The NetController II still supports the NetController power supplies (including UPS models) that power the controller and attached I/O modules with DC voltage. Additionally, the NetController II now supports 24 VAC power sources allowing low cost AC transformers to power the controller for non-I/O module applications.

New comm. port features:

• Support for wireless field bus on Comm. 1 or Comm. 2 (but not both at the same time)

• Service Port connectors allow RoamIO-2 service tool or wireless adapter to connect to a field bus.

• RS-422 support on Comm. 4 expands driver possibilities.

• Direct AC256 L-Bus support without LA-1 adapter simplifies AC256 I/O integration.

• Full handshaking support on Comm. 1 RS-232 port.

The NetController II is the hub of all communications.

10/100 Base-T Ethernet with 192-bit IPSec/IKE Encryption

Communications with the NetController II is not only fast (supporting data transfer rate up to 100 mbps) but secure with IPSec/IKE encryption and authentication. Encryption and authentication may be enabled for communications to and from Andover Continuum workstations and controllers. Andover Continuum v1.8 utilizes Internet Security Protocol (IPSec) and Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE) for its encryption to assure confidential and tamper-proof communications over Ethernet.

Establish fast and secure Ethernet connections with IPSec/IKE encryption.

Support for Area Lockdown

It is important to be able to contain potential threats when they are detected. The NetController can respond to Area Lockdown commands set from the Andover Continuum v1.8 software providing a quick method of sealing off areas. A simple click on a graphic or an automatic program response is all that is needed to disable card readers and exit requests in any given area. First responder personnel can still gain access to the area if their record is marked with “executive privilege”.

Rapidly “Lockdown” areas when potential threats are detected.

Conditional “Threat” Level-based Access Rights

The NetController II can adapt access rights to a change in condition or “threat” levels as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security refers to them. Each personnel record can now be assigned a clearance level for each area to which they have access. When the condition is more severe than the person’s clearance level, access is automatically denied. The Condition Level may be set manually through CyberStation v1.8 or automatically through a program. A program can even be written to monitor national threat levels and adjust Andover Continuum Condition Levels accordingly.

Although the U.S. government only calls for five condition levels of threat, v1.8 is capable of assigning up to 255 condition levels for local security needs.

Automatically adjust Access Rights when conditions and threat levels change.

Support for HID Corporate-1000 Cards

The NetController II now supports HID’s Corporate-1000 cards. The Corporate-1000 standard permits organizations to register with HID to purchase access cards with a single site code that will allow up to one million cards for that one site code. This feature is particularly attractive to enterprise level customers who have multiple sites.

Reduce your site codes to one!

Web Server and Configuration Web Pages

Like the original NetController, the NetController II supports the hosting of custom web pages directly from the controller. The NetController II has replaced the terminal interface of the NetController with configuration web pages allowing for easy configuration of controller settings such as the IP address and encryption settings.

Initialize the NetController II from a web page.

Modbus XDriver Support

The NetController II is initially available with XDriver support for Modbus communications. The Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP and Plain English Filter drivers have been recompiled and tested for the new hardware. In the future, other drivers may be made available for the NetController II.

Link Andover Continuum with Modbus equipment.

CyberStation support

The NetController II requires that all CyberStation and web.Client products are at v1.8 or greater. If you are replacing a NetController with a NetController II, CyberStation will perform a one-time, one-way conversion to the new model number creating the NetController specific objects in the process.

Simply upgrade to the future. 

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